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Here at Imana we act as a buying agent for our clients. We source properties (and other assets) and aim to acquire them on behalf of our clients. Some clients need help buying their dream home while others are looking to invest money into buy to let purchases, we can evaluate properties and negotiate the best price. Here at Imana we have over 15 years of experience within the UK property market. Over the years we have helped to buy and sell hundreds of properties for our clients. We have successful found off market properties for our clients and helped them save thousands of pounds.

Imana charges a retainer fee of £1,250.00. plus a percentage of the savings achieved anything from 2 to a maximum of 10 percent.

A buying agent can;-

  • Source off market properties
  • Comment on yield and the potential for capital growth
  • Research a street, village or town looking at crime, natural threats such as flooding and over-flights by planes
  • Will research the motivations of the sellers and look for pressure points like death, debt or divorce
  • Negotiate with the seller and their agent
  • We have a team of professionals that we work closely with and can refer the same, mortgage brokers, accountants and wealth managers, solicitors and tradesmen
  • We can liaise with solicitors, valuers, surveyors, architects, builders and contractors

If you would like to discuss your needs please do not hesitate to contact us for your free initial consultation